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Eligibility for Scholarship

How to apply 

Any senior enrolled at Lejeune High School who meets to criteria cited herein shall be eligible to receive a $1500 scholarship from the Lejeune Scholarship Foundation.


Award Criteria:   Scholarships will be awarded to eligible students who:

  1. Satisfy all course requirements for the Lejeune Scholar Award, an existing scholastic recognition program at Lejeune High School.

  2. Earn a cumulative weighted G.P.A. of 3.55 or higher (an existing requirement for the Lejeune Scholar Award)

  3. Perform at least 150 hours of community service (hours may be prorated hours based on date of enrollment at Lejeune High School)

Click here for more information about Award Criteria.

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Scholarship Requirements

Considerable effort is made to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of Lejeune High School students. The Lejeune Scholars Program is most comprehensive of the recognition programs to acknowledge academic excellence. All Students who pursue the specified schedule of rigorous courses listed below and who earn a  cumulative weighted GPA of 3.55 or higher are eligible to earn the distinction as a Lejeune Scholar.


Click here for more information about the Lejeune Scholars Program.

Click here for more information about Lejeune Graduation Requirements.


The Foundation is concerned that graduates of Lejeune High School have an understanding that service to one’s community is a fundamental aspect of being a good citizen.  The requirement for community serveis designed to foster that attitude.




Community Service

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Acceptable community service includes

  • Collection or delivery for Christmas Cheer or Meals on Wheels

  • Clerical work for a service agency

  • Community clean-up programs like Beach Sweep

  • Tutorial programs with elementary school students or homework zone at LHS

  • Visitation to senior citizens and/or rest homes

  • American Red Cross volunteer work

  • Working concessions at an athletic event

  • Mentoring young children through Semper Fi fund or coaching at youth sports

Donate to LSF

Foundation awards are made possible by donations from Lejeune High School alumni, parents of alumni, organizations with an interest in Lejeune High School, and other concerned benefactors.  Any student who meets all the requirements, regardless of financial need, is guaranteed a scholarship.  The amount of the awards will be determined annually on the number of eligible recipients and the funds available.


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Promoting Academic
Excellence &
Service Learning

Being awarded the LSF scholarship truly means a lot to me and my family. I am excited to pursue my future goals with your financial assistance.

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